Tuesday, August 2, 2016

***SALE*** Enchanted Legacy

by Dee King

My name is Bridget O'Malley and this is my story. I am an enchantress, but most would call

me a witch. I was working at my grandmother's shop, Hemlock Hollow, when I met Keegan. With just one touch we are now destined to live our lives cursed. Only one other problem, people want us dead because of it.

There has been lies, murder, and sabotage because of this blasted curse, and it's not done yet. Two people who once loved one another, set this curse on our families, and they won't be happy till every last one of us is dead. Only one issue, they weren't expecting anyone to fight back.

Will the curse take it's next victim or will Bridget be the one to end the curse?





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Paperback Link : http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/DeeKing

Amazon : http://www.amazon.com/Dee-King/e/B00M1T0BJI


Dee King is a Best Selling Fantasy and Paranormal Romance author. When her first book came out Charming Selene she was terrified of how bad the editing and formatting had turned out, but to her surprise people read the story anyways. That's when she knew she may have told an interesting story that was based loosely on her life. (She knows that gods don't walk among us, but she likes the idea that they might.) When Dee isn't writing she's either listening to alternative music, blogging, finding cool Indie bands, or hanging with her family. Her two daughters and husband keep her on her toes, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Often with her cat, Fox (whom you can meet on her Instagram) and her beloved Alice, (Her cat that she may treat like a Princess and doesn't care who judges her) and her two dogs, she tries to keep them busy so that more work can be done.. but she fears that they are attention hogs. Dee King lives in the state of Missouri (Misery as some would call it) and enjoys the beauty that surrounds her. (She also likes people from all around the world, which she likes to connect with and finds it to be very interesting.)
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